Mar 22 2008 - "Rhinoceros Tea"

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stuff-the-comic, Mar 22 2008

A Photoshop doodle, inspired by a particular strip of the webcomic Free Fall.
[ ]
I hope it'll tide you over, I just wasn't in a comic-making mood today...

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User Comments:

kridily, Mar 22 2008

I saw the title and I was like: WTF?
Nice Tie-over Tim! I had already seen this but never got around to to commenting on it till now. And yeah I might actually be able to pull together something every two weeks, meaning we can update every week, but we'd have to talk. o_-

stuff-the-comic, Mar 22 2008

Yeah, can you go on MSN at all over this weekend/break/holiday thing we've got?

kridily, Mar 23 2008

Yeah but proly not today, Mon sure. ^_^

edit: uhhh... /).- yeah about that <_< >_>

RathandFury, Mar 30 2008

...that's my tea!

Pandachu, Apr 13 2008

Hi Gotiki! :D
I love your comic! ^ ^ +fav

scalott, Apr 17 2008

He looks like a very dignified Rhino.

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