Feb 13 2008 - " Warning! New Character Approaching"

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kridily, Feb 13 2008

I'd made some sketches of this guy in my math notebook, and drew him from all 8 angles, when I decided to draw a larger, better copy of him. This was scanned in, and with only a little over a hour in Photo shop, we see the magic unfold. I know it still sucks, but it's probably the closest to the comic's style I've done yet. And just when Tim is about to change the style too... :(
That's right, Tim is changing the style once again. I think it's an improvement though. It will look better and more realistic, but still "cute." ^_^ And this guy WILL be a new character, although drawn by Tim.
Any comments on the image are welcome.

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User Comments:

stuff-the-comic, Feb 13 2008

Nice work, Kevin. :D

RathandFury, Feb 25 2008

I like how you drew those shoes.

I suck at drawing shoes.

Thus, you never see them.

If only I could avoid drawing hands...

boxedcat5, May 22 2008

This looked a lot better on paper when you prined it out and showed me in Chem, I think.
Did you scan that print out in or did you print out the frame after you made it and posted it?
... Oh, btw, I agree w/ RathandFury, those are good shoes.

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