Jan 25 2008 - "Commissions (Part 2)"

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Author Comments:

stuff-the-comic, Jan 25 2008

I...I think I may have gone just a LITTLE too heavy with the shading and highlights...>_>

KEVIN wrote this one! 8D

Anyway, this might be the last colored one for a while. I need to talk to you, Kevin, about the comic. SO GO ON MSN, DAMMIT! D:<

Oh! Forgot to mention, I used a different program for this one. I usually use the GIMP, but with this, I tried a vector graphics program called InkScape. What do y'all think? :B

EDIT 2: I put a preview of this on my SheezyArt account. Maybe we'll get more readers this way! I think I'll put it on my deviantART page, too. 8D

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User Comments:

stuff-the-comic, Jan 26 2008

Then obviously you haven't been on the internet much. :|

Three words: Shitting. Dick. Nipples.
And that's barely even scratching the surface! D:

But yeah, it was probably gay and/or yiff. Or just really sick. :(

stuff-the-comic, Jan 26 2008

I don't know if they commission it, but it DOES exist, so...I wouldn't be totally surprised.

kridily, Jan 27 2008

Yeah... now it wasn't actually a commission, cause it wasn't for money, but one of my friends (who shall remain un-named for the sake of his sanity,) received a request that was kind of a mix between yaoi and furry, so it does happen.
That was one doozy of a sentence!

stuff-the-comic, Jan 27 2008

Wow, really? That's...creepy, Kevin. >_>

Avenar (Guest), Jan 27 2008

I'd say so
Looking good so far, keep up the good work my man!

stuff-the-comic, Jan 27 2008

I'll have to add your comic to the links page, man! :D

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