Dec 24 2007 - "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

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Author Comments:

stuff-the-comic, Dec 24 2007

Hope you all enjoy it!
But seriously, THE HELL IS THIS?! No snow? On CHRISTMAS?!
Continuity's coming! Did you bring your hat?

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kridily, Dec 24 2007

Thanks Tim
Merry Christmas guys!! ^_^

P.S. Nice roof you got there Tim. I see the snow must have melted from the same fire that left a hole in your roof. =P

stuff-the-comic, Dec 26 2007

Ok, it actually looks like a roof now, thanks to []!

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User Comments:

stuff-the-comic, Dec 26 2007

Thanks, other Tim! XD

Hope you had a good one too. :)

scalott, Jan 25 2008

I've had Christmases like that, and I live in Canada. I mean what the fuck?

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