Nov 21 2007 - "What is this shit"

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Author Comments:

stuff-the-comic, Nov 21 2007

Oh god...
I hate how this came out SOO much...;_;
I need that tablet now. Kthxbai.

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kridily, Nov 22 2007

I love how Paul's head is like half the height in the second panal as it is in the 1st and 3rd! XD

BTW Tim:

stuff-the-comic, Nov 27 2007

...shut up. >:U
I drew this on a bed, of course it didn't come out well.
Anyway, I've already got a tablet in mind, and it's cheaper than that.
It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun. :D
Kevin...Author Comments: use them. XD

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User Comments:

Flembo_Flebz, Nov 21 2007

Random but oh so funny

SpeckUrban, Dec 14 2007

Geez, you sound like my friends.

scalott, Jan 25 2008

A tablet'd definately be nice. I can dream.

boxedcat5, May 22 2008

WTF is up w/ Paul's head in the second frame Tim? It's like half the size of the rest!!!!

roseynick (Guest), Sep 12 2008

haha! Must have been the most eventful thing that happened that day! :D

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