Nov 16 2007 - "News, filler thing *cough*"

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kridily, Nov 16 2007

So yeah, what if my image editing and splicing sucked. I was using MS Paint so "Bah". And the same message goes to all of you who check the site often and yet aren't fans (but why the hell not I don't know.) But seriously, nice for you guys to stick with us. If you don't ever see this message though, ignore that previous statement and go F*** yourself. ^_^

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stuff-the-comic, Nov 17 2007

Kevin. Don't tell our fans to fuck themselves. It's impolite, no matter how funny it is. ^__^
Oh, and get GIMP, way better than MS Paint.

kridily, Nov 18 2007

Fine, then just go give yourself a really hard slap on the back. ^_^

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User Comments:

LaMoop, Nov 17 2007

You know it's the apocalypse when someone's body is of different quality to their head.

Can't wait to see more from you guys in the future! =D

blackblaster, Nov 17 2007

get it is faster then gimp

zoraksbro, Nov 17 2007

wait...hold on...u 2 came up w/a whole story on ur own...APOCALYPSE!!!!!!! WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!! RUN TO THE HILLS!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! lol!!!

Neko Jin (Guest), Dec 08 2007

WTF?! xD
Alright, I just started reading these from the beginning oh, *checks clock* about two minutes ago. If yer that fucked up about it, fine, add me to the frickin list of fans or whatever. xD Some of these are funny... Others are kinda like.... "Yeah, that's life.... Specifically MY life...." x3 Dude I love these.

Neko Jin, Dec 08 2007

WTF?! xD 2
Ok, I made an account on smack jeeves now... Maybe this'll motivate me to scan some of my crap once in a while! xD

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