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Feb 06 2009


Nobody reads this LMAO but um.

I'm working on the site layout and I'm about to work on a comic.
Fuck updating regularly. I'm too lazy for that shit. I'll get comics done and upload them. The style may not be consistent. Actually, it probably won't be. But I'll try to keep it from lookin' too shitty.

Okay, I'm getting to work, now. Fuck yeah.

- Tim

Jul 22 2008


I was in San Francisco last week. I don't think I even told Kevin. Eheh... Sorry, y'all. I'm gonna see what I can do. I WILL NOT PUT IT OFF!!

...much longer.

♥, Tim

Jun 25 2008

What is this WEBCOMIC you speak of?

I've certainly never heard of that, no sir.

Anyway, you may have noticed we updated. Yep.
We'll try to get two comics up a month, I guess. Maybe. Sorta.

I'll be working on the site's design over the summer, since I hate it with a passion.

Uh, that's it. Smaller update than Kevin's but whatever.

~ Goat

May 12 2008

O.K.! Moving on then!

I know that we haven't updated in nearly two months, but do not worry, for Tim and I have slain teh mighty beast of procrastination, and not only have comics in the works, but have also finally discussed our roles as authors of the comic, so, not only do we know what we're doing, but it also splits the work up more evenly, and things will happen quicker. Throughout this week we will be discussing the exact plot points and story arc for say the next 5 or so comics, and about the introductions of the new characters so that we can get ideas, dialog, and then eventually storyboards and actually comics drawn up. Hopefully by the end of the week, Tim will have the newest comic up, and although we haven't smoothed out the exact details, I think we will be going in a direction where we can get a comic up every 2 weeks at least. Like I said, nothing is completely certain at this point, but don't think the comic has been abandoned or anything. We are still working at it behind the scenes, and we will soon start regularly updating again.
Assuredly yours,
^_^ Kridily ^_^

Mar 16 2008


Hey, anyone who reads this. I've got a tablet now.
I'm still kinda getting the hang of it, but it's way easier than I imagined. Anyway, I'm planning on uploading some doodles and/or non-continuous comics until I've decided I'm apt enough to do the real comics with the tablet and we've got a good buffer of sketched-out comics. Update schedule... Maybe biweekly? You know, every other week? Maybe. I don't know, Kevin and I will discuss.
I recently made a character reference for Tim, done entirely with tablet. I'll post a link when I find the time.
Alright, don't lose faith! We will update! ...eventually.
- Tim